• With obesity rising at alarming rates, regular, accurate measurements of body fat and lean body mass can provide you the feedback for staying on top of what can be an ever-changing situation.

  • The BOD POD has the necessary accuracy to detect even small changes in your body composition and it will provide you the feedback that can be used to measure the effectiveness of fitness and nutrition programs, tracking the progression of diseases, or fine tuning top athletic performance.

  • The BOD POD will provide you the concrete information on body fat and lean body mass that leaves the guesswork behind.

  • No other method provides the combination of accuracy, speed and safety found in the BOD POD.


The BOD POD Body Composition Tracking System is used in a wide variety of market segments throughout the world and is used routinely in:

  • Athletic Training

  • Health and Fitness

  • Weight Management

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Military and Public Safety

  • Clinical Examinations

  • Bariatric Clinics

Whether you are in good physical shape, on a weight loss program, or
you would just like to be in better shape, an accurate body composition
analysis by the BOD POD can identify important shifts in your fat and
fat-free mass that a scale, calipers, and bioelectric impedance cannot.

Using the BOD POD with Athletics

Body Fat - Men

Body Fat - Women